Murjanie Charest



Words have always been very important to me. My mother, who is also a language professional, instilled in me a love of words and languages from an early age.

I grew up knowing and understanding the power of words and the impact they can have. My job allows me to tap into this ability to communicate in writing. Younger, I was the one walking around with a notebook and writing songs without tunes, poems without titles, and books without chapters..

When I started working as a translator-interpreter for the Québec Department of Justice in the criminal and youth courts, I was able to facilitate this communication for victims of crimes who couldn’t express themselves in either French or English, but who needed to testify to lighten the burden they were carrying.

With translation, your writing travels. A contract, a website or social media posts in multiple languages open the door to potential clients who are now reachable.

With editing and proofreading, I help you fine-tune your messages by adjusting a word, a comma or a period.

With copywriting, I put down on paper what you have trouble expressing and your ideas when they are at the tip of your pen.

I tap into the innate need to communicate of human beings who, whether it’s for lack of time, ideas, or talent for writing, don’t get the results they want.

I take care of your word ailments.

Murjanie Charest

Clients and Partners

The Floor is Theirs

If you are looking for a translator, I recommend Murjanie Charest. I have been working with her for several years and I’m always impressed by her professionalism and attention to detail. She is passionate about her work, and this is reflected in the quality of her translations. Whether it is for technical texts or more creative documents, Murjanie is always able to deliver a translation that meets our expectations.

- Carole Tousignant - President – Services administratifs Nuagix

My company’s image is very important. Everything I post on my social media, marketing and website is proofread and edited by Murjanie. No one on my team can make a post without it being proofread. A seamless service. Thank you Murjanie.

- Steve Trempe - President Production Klone

Murjanie’s service is second to none. What I like about her service is that she takes the time to get to know her client. This makes the job easier and as clients, we are always satisfied with her work. As far as timeliness goes, 10/10.

- Stevens Sarazin — President On Inspecte

Murjanie is a real pleasure to work with. Her availability, her speed of execution and the high quality of her work are just a few of the reasons why we enjoy working with her daily. She provides us with valuable recommendations and quickly grasps the objective of client mandates. Murjanie’s focus on quality and our satisfaction is reflected in the quality of her services. She provides invaluable support to our agency in the editing and proofreading of our content as well as in translation.

- Valérie Martin — President Le Bon Plan

Murjanie is a pleasure to work with. She listens to her clients and is very easy to communicate with, she quickly understands her clients’ needs. Not to mention that she always meets deadlines. We’re very happy to work with her, she is excellent and efficient!

- Louis-Philippe Denis — Chief Legal and Privacy Officer